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Welcome to Calumet College

Our mandate, "Enterprising Minds", is significant for its parts as well as for the whole.  The word "Minds" connotes our primary affiliation with the undergraduate program in Psychology, while the word "Enterprising" evokes our other affiliation with the undergraduate Business and International Business Administration programs in the Schulich School of Business.  Together, the phrase "Enterprising Minds" conveys the spirit of intellectual inquiry, effort and accomplishment that is characteristic of successful university education.  At Calumet College, we provide an environment to encourage the development of enterprising minds. We are also welcoming Health Policy and Management starting May 2012.

Calumet is affiliated with the following departments and faculties:

Departmental Units:


Search for Calumet Master

Calumet is looking for a new Master.  An Open Forum was held on Feb 24th where two candidates presented their vision and answered questions from the community.  We have recorded their presentations. We ask those community members who could not attend the Open Forum to listen to the presentations and provide feedback to the search committee.

The recordings and opportunities for feedback can be found here.

Summer 2014 Academic Orientation

Calumet College is offering academic orientation for its summer admits to Psychology and Bachelor of Health Studies on May 2, 2014 from 12pm - 1pm.  Please click here for more information and to register.