Agents of Change - Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is eligible to apply?

In order to apply you must be:

  • an undergraduate or graduate student in any year level
  • in good academic standing with York University
  • in groups of 1-5 (majority of students in the group must be from Faculty of Health)
    • Global Health
    • Health Policy & Management
    • Kinesiology & Health Science
    • Nursing
    • Psychology

Are part time students eligible to apply?

Yes! Part time students are welcome to apply.

Are graduate students eligible to apply?

New in 2016-2017, graduate students are eligible to apply.

Are graduating students eligible to apply?

Yes! If you are in your final year at York University, you are still welcome to apply.


When is the application deadline?

Applications forms will be made available after the last information session. All applications are due Friday, January 6th, 2017.

When & where will successful candidates execute their Agents of Change projects?

The execution of the project will be either during the winter semester or during the summer period between the months of May 2017 to August 2017. The location of individual projects depends on the target population. The Faculty of Health encourages global thinking, and thus encourages Faculty of Health students to submit projects that can be executed in Toronto or any other city in the world! Please note that selected candidates will be required to submit a project progress report.

Where can I find additional resources or sample project proposals?

Read successful proposals and review additional information to strengthen your application below:

Example Project Proposals
2013-2014 PPON Application Proposal
2013-2014 Autism Teenage Partnership Application Proposal
2015-2016 ReGiftcard Project Proposal
2015-2016 Bookchest Proposal - uses our current format

What is an Executive Summary?
Writing Executive Summaries
How to Write Better Executive Summaries

S.M.A.R.T Goal Setting
SMART Goal Setting Guide Sheet
SMART Goals in Project Management

For more information, contact: Agata Stypka, Student Success Coordinator at