Agents of Change

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Regardless of your program of study, each of you is a part of something larger by being a member of the Faculty of Health. Each year, the Faculty graduates 2000 students who are “Agents of Change”. During your time at York University you will develop a set of attributes that will contribute to your capacity to transform ideas, change policies, systems, structures and practices to positively affect health.

Ways of Knowing

The graduates of the Faculty of Health

  1. Understand Health as a complex phenomenon that is defined, experienced and understood in a myriad ways and is influenced by policies, systems, ways of being and social conditions.
  2. Apply analytical as well as creative thinking skills to innovative approaches to problem-posing and problem-solving.
  3. Integrate knowledge and experiences from multiple perspectives in order to develop a systemic, long-term view of Health.
  4. Utilize analytical, creative and integrative ways of knowing to challenge conventional ways of thinking about Health and to co-create alternative visions that inspire change.

Ways of Being

The graduates of the Faculty of Health are committed to

  1. Social responsibility that is lived through community service and the values of diversity, equity and respect of all people.
  2. Citizenship through a sense of community both local and global.
  3. Continuous learning as individual, professional, and as citizen of the world.
  4. Collaborative ways of being in order to positively affect the Health of people.

Ways of Doing

The graduates of the Faculty of Health

  1. Facilitate learning about Health through education and role modeling.
  2. Advocate for change where systems, policies and actions compromise or prevent Health.
  3. Apply skills of leadership to co-create innovative visions for Health and to mobilize change.
  4. Work together with individuals, groups and communities to critique impediments to Health, challenge conventional assumptions, galvanize the spirit of change and courageously advance new thinking, innovative systems, policies and practices that will enable Health for all people.