April- Academic Advising


Important reminders

Applying to OSAP for Summer 2015?

1) Application for Summer OSAP is available on Tuesday, March 3rd. You need to make sure when applying you indicated clearly it is for Summer 2015 courses and you must enrol in courses before you can apply. Please visit the OSAP website for more information: http://osap.yorku.ca/osap-for-summer-session/

Am I on the right track?

2) To ensure that you are on the right track with course selection, you can view your degree progress through the Degree Progress Report (DPR). It is currently available for all single major programs. This will help you better understand your requirements and help you plan your timetable for summer and beyond. To login to your DPR , you can visit the website at: http://www.yorku.ca/roweb/mydegreeprogress/index.php

Thinking of Changing your Program?

3) If you are considering changing your program or adding a major or minor make sure you submit your request online through the Change My Program website: http://www.registrar.yorku.ca/program/change/

Pay close attention to deadlines and eligibility.  Due to the labour disruption the drop deadline without receiving a grade is April 17 and last day of classes if April 19.

Exam Schedule

4) Make sure to confirm your exam schedule and take care of any conflicts that might arise. A revised April exam schedule can be found here: http://www.registrar.yorku.ca/exams/

Also, make sure you review the effective strategies on preparing for your tests and exams offered through Learning Skills Services. Information for test and exam preparation can be found at: http://www.registrar.yorku.ca/grades/legends/health.htm

Understanding Your Grade Report

Grade Report Legends - Faculty of Health

5) Your academic grade report will be available in early May. You can gain a better understanding on how to read your grade report by visiting this website:

For all information regarding the labour disruption please regularly check here: http://labourdisruption.info.yorku.ca