Did You Know - December 2014

Water is accessible everywhere on campus!

Starting September 2015, York University will be phasing out the sale of bottled water. The goal of this initiative is to improve access to clean, safe drinking water to all on campus. York strives to continue to be a leader in sustainability. How does this benefit you?

#1: Your Health!

You should be drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day. This can be easily achieved on campus through access to all the hydration stations that exist on campus.

#2: The Environment!

You will be reducing the amount of plastic in landfills by using your own reusable bottle.

#3: It's Free!

Many student organizations on campus provide their members with free water bottles. Think of all the money you will be saving throughout your university life by using a reusable bottle!


Take a selfie in front of a hydration station on campus and send it to us! First person to tweet the photo to us at @YorkUCalumet or e-mail the photo to us at scchelp@yorku.ca will receive a gift pack courtesy of The Office of the Master!

Can you locate all of the hydration stations on the Keele campus?

Keel map of the hydration stations on campus

Click map to enlarge.

To learn more, please visit Sustainability at York University.