Deadline: Discover You Program: 4-week July Program

July 7, 2021 @ 11:59 pm

Register for Discover You 4-week July Program

Do you want to strengthen your interview, leadership and professional skills? 

Do you want to gain insight from York university alumni immersed within the health-care field (physiotherapy, medicine, dentistry, etc.)?

Are you striving to enhance your resume and professional network?

Do you want to build your social/professional career network and become competitive for Leadership-based Awards at the university level, FoH and Colleges? (e.g. Robert Tiffin Student Leadership Award, Silver Medal for Leadership, Outstanding Student Leadership Award and many more)

The Discover You Program is one that is aimed at fostering leadership, communication, professional development, interview, and interpersonal skills in York University students as they continue paving their academic and practical pathways. A team of Peer Coaches will be taking you through this enticing journey during the four workshops taking place this July. The four, one-hour long workshops will take place on a weekly basis and will equip you with skills ranging from leadership and professional development skills to presentation and interview techniques.

Full participation in every workshop will grant you a certificate of achievement and letter of recognition signed by Head of Stong College, Dr. Mazen Hamadeh along with exclusive videos featuring interviews with York University alumni.

For questions/inquiries please contact: