Holocaust Education Week | Hillel York

January 25, 2021 – January 29, 2021 all-day

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January 25 5PM -  Non Jewish Women leaders during the Holocaust

Women leaders during the Holocaust, with a focus on non Jewish Women. In this event, we will explore 5 different, non Jewish Women who had an impact during the holocaust. We will focus on women who saved Jews, who worked around the system, who fought for what they believed was right, and so on.

January 26 8PM-  Conversation with the accountant of Auschwitz producers 

A panel with the producer Mathew, of the movie 'The Accountant of Auschwitz". In this panel, we will have a conversation with Mathew about the movie, motives, why they chose to make this movie and use this story, what they hope to see in the future, and so on. This event will be lead by one of our students, as well as a York PHD student who researches the Holocaust, to provide some historical connection and background.

January 27 7PM - An Evening with Holocaust Survivor Hedy Bohm

We are bringing the survivor Hedy Bohm to tell her story. In the movie, The Accountant of Auschwitz, Hedy plays a character (not herself), drawing a connection between events. This event is taking place with Rayerson and UOFT, with three students leading - one from each campus.

January 28 6PM - Cooking a Memory

In this event, I will share my grandparents' story (as my grandmother passed recently, it only feels right to share her story through the food she and I would eat together every Shabbat). I would like to send out the list of ingredients in an email to those who sign up. This event is intended for families (under COVID guidelines).

January 29 12PM- Leadership in Youth during the Holocaust

In this event, we will explore the various leadership skills of the youth during the Holocaust (ages ranging from 18-22). We intend to use movie clips, stories and diaries to illustrate and teach leadership skills. Using those aids, we intend to learn and understand what built these individuals up as leaders, and what qualities they held.