Indigenous Circle Dreamcatcher Workshop

February 10, 2021 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

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In this workshop you will learn how to create a dreamcatcher and its cultural significance to Indigenous Peoples. Learning to produce crafts while sharing some cultural background allows us to enrich our knowledge. By focusing on creating a single delicate piece, students will benefit from de-stressing from their regular challenging activities. This is an opportunity to appreciate diverse cultural art productions.

Materials needed for the workshop (participants' responsibility):

Option 1 - Build a Dream Catcher
• Scissors
• Pen/Pencil
• Cardboard
• Different coloured string(s)
• Circular object to trace like a plate (optional)
• Feathers (optional)
• Beads (optional)

Option 2 - Draw a Dream Catcher
• Paper
• Pen/Pencil