Five Steps to Becoming a Student Leader


Ever wanted to make a change at York but didn’t know where to start? How about becoming a student leader? What does it mean to be a student leader?

A student leader encourages abilities in both themselves and others on their campus to create an ethical and socially just environment for the larger community they belong to.

How do you become a leader?

That’s easy! In five simple steps, you can find your way to becoming a student leader in no time!

Postings are consistently put up on the York University Career Centre’s website looking for students to fill various student leadership positions, such as Peer Educators and Mentors. Visit the Career Centre website to find out more about these on-campus positions:

Learn about Work/Study programs. These offer students the opportunity to work on campus while completing their degree. For more information

Still having trouble finding a student leadership position? Contact College faculty members!
Visit the college you are affiliated with and speak to someone at the Master’s Office to learn if they are hiring students to fill positions.

Visit the Centre for Student Community and Leadership Development (SCLD)!
They provide programs and positions for students interested in helping their peers develop the necessary skills to succeed at York University. For more information

 Student Organizations
York has over 300 student organizations offered to students varying from a professional stance to leisure! For more information

YU Connect and the Co-Curricular Record
York’s online system for getting involved and tracking your out-of-the-classroom experience. It gives students a directory to find clubs and to match opportunities to their self-selected interests. YUConnect is also a platform for creating a record of a student’s extra and co-curricular involvement throughout their time at York. For more information