Five Tips for Finding a Summer Job


Create your resume and use your resources.

If you have a resume, make sure it is updated with your most recent activities. Once this is done, seek out the resources provided to you as a York University student. The number of free resources available to us is unbelievable. Make use of it. There are several workshops held by York University’s Career Centre – the most crucial one to attend is the Resume & Cover Letter Writing workshop. After attending this, you should call the Career Centre at 416-736-5351 to book a 30-minute Resumé or Cover Letter Feedback Session appointment, where a representative will edit and give you feedback on your resume and cover letter.

 Start applying as soon as possible!

Many employees say that individuals who apply closer to the release of a job application have a higher chance of getting an interview than those that apply closer to the deadline. We all know how much individuals like to procrastinate. The same applies for job applications and hence more people apply closer to the deadline, which means that hiring managers have more resumes to screen through. More resumes mean more competition and it becomes more difficult for your resume to stand out from the rest. Check out York University’s Career Centre website to find an extensive list of job posting sites.

Use your network.

Let your friends and family know that you are looking for a summer job. People get jobs in the strangest ways and receive help from those they would least expect. Don’t be afraid to ask anyone and everyone if they can put in a good word for you at work or refer you to their boss. Continue following up with them through email. Knowing people makes all the difference in the world. Sometimes it is difficult to simply get an interview. Having someone who can vouch for you is a huge advantage and will often help you get an interview. Companies like hiring individuals who they know and trust.

Keep your options open and have an open mind.

Sometimes we become set on one particular goal in life. There may be one job that you would do anything to get. However, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. It will only crush you if it doesn’t work out. Apply to as many jobs as you can, that meet your minimum criteria. Maybe there was an employer in the past that would be willing to hire you again for the summer – at least you will have a fall back plan. Explore all your options.

Realize that everything happens for a reason.

Maybe you won’t end up getting that dream job you wanted. Maybe you won’t get any of the jobs you applied for. So what? Everything is a learning experience. Bounce back and find something else productive you can do in the summer that will benefit you for the following summer or in other areas. For example, you can volunteer for an organization this summer which could perhaps turn into a job offer later in the year or next summer. If you were only looking for a summer job to gain experience for your career goals, broaden your knowledge instead. You can take a summer course at York University to lighten your load during the year, or a free course on Coursera in an area of interest. This site offers free online courses from well-known institutes such as Stanford University, Peking University, University of London, and many more. So do not fret, there are always other options.