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What is a Student Success Team Member (SSTM)?

Student Success Team Members provide their peers with up to date information regarding academic support services. SSTMs work with a team of first year students and upper year Student Success Team Leaders (SSLs) to develop and deliver classroom announcements twice a month in a core Faculty of Health course. They also meet with their team to participate in leadership workshops, discuss key academic issues and visit critical resources on campus. The duration of the program is 8 months (beginning in September and ending in April).

What are the benefits?

  1. Build leadership experience
  2. Participate in team building events and leadership training sessions
  3. Build a university network made up of faculty, students and staff
  4. Develop public speaking skills
  5. Make a positive difference by assisting your peers
  6. Receive a letter of participation from the Dean’s Office and attend an awards ceremony
  7. Connect with upper year students, network and build relationships

Who is eligible?

To qualify for a SSTM position, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Attend a mandatory training session on September 1, 2015 (all day)
  2. Be enrolled in at least one of the following courses: KINE 1000, PSYC 1010, HLST 1010 (Section A) & HLST 1011 (Section M), NURS 1900 & NURS 2522
  3. Attend biweekly team meetings which are two hours in duration
  4. Attend Faculty of Health Student Caucus’s social events (one in Fall and one in Winter)

Deadline: July 21, 2015 at 11:59pm
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