January 2015 - Dean's Welcome Back Message

Welcome back to York University and a bright new year ahead. I trust that you had a good break with the opportunity to do many fun things with friends and family – and also to just chill out.

Where you among the many people who made a New Year’s resolution? Well - how are your succeeding? The problem is that we often go into a change program without the necessary preparation. Take skydiving as an example, where to be safe and successful one needs to undergo extensive training and preparation before jumping out of the plane.

Want to be more successful in your personal and professional change plans? Here is a proven way.

The key is to pick a change target such as reducing stress, eating healthier, or being more active that: 1) you feel ready to take on now, 2) is important for you, and 3) you are confident that meaningful results could be achieved in 2-3 month. Now, fire-up your change plan by creating a Goal that is S.M.A.R.T.

  1. Specific. What will the goal accomplish? How will it be accomplished?
  2. Measurable. How will you measure whether or not the goal has been reached (list at least two indicators)?
  3. Achievable. Is it possible for you right now? Do you have the necessary ‘stuff’ (eg. knowledge, skills, abilities, resources) to accomplish the goal?
  4. Results-focused. What is the reason and benefits of accomplishing the goal? What is the final result or outcome you want?
  5. Time-bound. What are practical steps in your change plan? Does the completion date create a practical sense of urgency?

Smart goals

With is approach you are better prepared to ‘jump’ into your next change plan and be successful.

During your busy term ahead I encourage you to be involved on campus, especially with the range of activities at Calumet College. Let your great learning experience at York University continue.


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