January 2015 - Student Success Updates

HealthAid Network

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The HealthAid Network is designed to support first year and upper year students in their journey to success.  It is a peer-mentorship program that builds student leadership abilities and encourages student involvement on campus. The program consists of teams in the core-1000 level courses in the Faculty of Health. HealthAid members enrolled in these courses act as mentors to their peers and present just-in-time information on a biweekly basis. They also participate in leadership workshops facilitated by academically successful upper year students.

We envision a student body that…

  • Is empowered to develop their leadership skills, get involved on campus, and utilize campus resources
  • Feels a sense of community and belonging to York University
  • Is inspired to become their best, while inspiring others to do the same

Below is a list of current HealthAid members within each Faculty of Health core-1000 course. If you have any questions about the HealthAid Network, or would like to get in touch with one of the HealthAid members listed below, please feel free to contact us at: hlthaid@yorku.ca.

KINE 1000 A
Midila Anton
Cristiane Cruz
Winnie Yu
Habbiba Ahmed
Ehsan Sheikh
Arvin Ardakani
Cassandra Ramroop
KINE 1000 B
Amrita Khemraj
Maryam Kara
Valentina Ryazantseva
Sandra Sung
Tina Broujerdi
Alexandru Pulbere
HLST 1010 A
Louise Tiwaah-Acheamfour
Jatinder Dhaliwal
Tao Cheng Shi
NURS 1900 A
Ocean Grange
Wendy Li
Krystle Williams
Rachel Ip
PSYC 1010 A
Magdalene Blakeson
Aamina Rangarej
Ron Kleiman
Ashlee Verma
PSYC 1010 B
Stacey Sanchez
Monique Mapeso
Aryan Azmi
Barbara Chigbo
Viktoryia Shkel
Kwadwo Ofori
Andre Damata
PSYC 1010 D
Mustafa Mohamedali
Milad Fattahi
Paniz Bolourchi
Andre Damata
PSYC 1010 E
Amina Khan
Ahbair Pasha
Kimya Shahi
Shannah Bigge
Rahema Wahedi
Arshdeep SIngh
Ahmad Sharif
PSYC 1010 F
Jonathan Clodman
Karolen Kryo
Ian Dodgson
Laki Jalalkhan
Trisha Phan
Jaya Mohabir
PSYC 1010 G
Vishali Arumugam
Shweta Gautem
Raagini Tyagi
Sahar Desai
PSYC 1010 H
Pratik Nair
Eileen Bang
Tiffany Mak
Didar-Karan Kalra
PSYC 1010 I
Humza Syed M
Carla Rumeo
Mi Emery Nguyen
PSYC 1010 J
Tiffany Chan
Afifa Mahboob
Jillian Lynch
Dina Hassan
PSYC 1010 K
Crystal Heidari
Justine Philteos
Kimberly Coleman-Bryan

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PASS Winter 2015 Schedule

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