August - Academic Advising


Important reminders 

Am I on the right track? 

1) To ensure that you are on the right track with course selection, you can view your degree progress through the Degree Progress Report (DPR). It is currently available for all single major programs. This will help you better understand your requirements and help you plan your timetable for Summer and beyond. To login to your DPR , you can visit the website at:

Understanding Your Grade Report

Grade Report Legends – Faculty of Health

1) Your academic grade report was available since May, if you have not reviewed them, take a moment to check your final grades and academic decision . You can gain a better understanding on how to read your grade report by visiting this website:

Tips for your Summer 2015 term.

Exam schedule for Summer 2015 will be available to view soon. Please visit the following link to find your exam schedule for Summer courses:

Preparing for Enrolment in Fall-Winter 2015

1) Enrolment for Fall-Winter 2015 courses has begun in June. If you have not enrolled into your courses, you can start the process by viewing the Fall-Winter 2015 course timetable through the Course Timetable link:

If you are transitioning from year 1 to year 2 at York, the below link may assist you further in preparing for Fall/Winter 2015:

Applying to OSAP for Summer 2015?1) Application for Fall/Winter 2015 OSAP will soon be available.  Please visit the OSAP website for more information: