August - Did You Know?

Disability Services is made of three units within Counselling & Disability Services that offer different academic support to students with disabilities.

Learning Disability Services provides educational support to students with identified learning disabilities, attention disorders and autism spectrum disorders. They offer programs such as Work Shadowing Program where students have the opportunity have the opportunity to learn more about their potential careers by spending one week in a relevant work setting. Also, they provide one-on-one academic support to students by assigning each student to one disability counsellor who can work with them.

Mental Health Disability Services offers educational support to students with mental health disabilities. They provide Academic Support and Social Support with CDS/MHDS Groups establishing social support systems. The Peer Mentor Program is for students registers with MHDS and are mentored by upper level students who themselves are part of MHDS. They help familiarize students with the services and resources on campus and provide encouragement and support. MHDS is also on Twitter.

Physical, Sensory and Medical Disability Services give educational support to students with physical, sensory and medical disabilities. They provide an LLS Course intended to assist students with disabilities in their transition to university. There are three main modules. York also provides Attendant Care that gives students with disabilities with one-on-one care who live on campus. It is a government-funded service that assists with daily activities and needs.

For more information on the services York University offers to aid students with disabilities check the Disability Services website.