Loving Minds



Created By: Eda Mucaj

Depression and anxiety are a prevalent problem on university campuses across Canada. Mental health issues arise frequently due to the many new experiences and challenges faced by students. The Loving Minds campaign zeroed in on these matters at the York University Keele campus by providing students with strategies that they can incorporate into their daily routine to prevent depression and anxiety and increase the quality of their lives as well as their university experience.

The Loving Minds campaign was run during Frosh 2015 on Keele campus. A variety of activities aimed at tackling the effects of anxiety and depression were offered at various locations on campus, for frosh participants and frosh bosses. Activities included a morning yoga session, a meditation & breathing workshop, an expressive arts mural and workshop, and a dynamic movement dance workshop.

Feedback from participants was fantastic, and students noted that they had a chance to relax and de-stress during the very hectic frosh week schedule.

For more information, please contact: Eda Mucaj
Email: eda89@my.yorku.ca
Website: http://lovingminds.weebly.com/