Head of Calumet College's Welcome


Welcome to Calumet College at York University, a vibrant and diverse community dedicated to supporting students as they undergo their education at YorkU.

I encourage you to explore our College programs and resources – there are numerous opportunities to connect with other students, faculty, staff, and alumni. At Calumet, we are committed to helping you improve your successes and navigate your challenges at university – this may include helping first year students look for warm and welcoming study spaces in our College or upper-year students seeking mentors as they pursue graduate and employment opportunities.

Calumet offers a wide variety of extracurricular programs that you are encouraged to explore such as the student clubs affiliated with the College and the Calumet College Council  that represents your needs and is your voice at Calumet and the university.

Calumet also provides academic and co-curricular support programs including supporting students through course-specific endeavours (Peer-Assisted Study Sessions-PASS and Course Representative Program), transitioning into university life (Orientation), workshops and seminars (Career Exploration), as well as leadership skills development (LEAD with purpose) and health-based projects (Agents of Change).

Whether you are a prospective student or a current student, a faculty member, I invite you to join us and look forward to welcoming you. We are always happy to share information about Calumet, and I encourage you to check us online or in person,

Best wishes in your educational pursuit.

Jennine Rawana
Head of Calumet College

Head shot of Jennine Rawana