Positivity: Pass it on!










Created By: Pratik Nair, Humza Syed Mohammad, Michael Richards, Ralph Perez, Joanne Van

Positivity! Pass It On is a student lead project on York University Keele Campus, that works towards increasing social cohesion on campus and changing the general perception of mental health issues from being an individual problem to a social problem Positivity! Pass It On was a recipient of the Agents of Change grant, for the 2013-2014 year, and took place during the fall of the 2014 year, on the Keele Campus.

The initiative was very simple; give out 2000 orange Positivity! Pass It On bracelets to people on campus. When an individual receives a bracelet they are charged with yet another simple task, finding and complimenting another individual, to give the bracelet to. The project further provided information about mental health issues and tackled the reduction of the social stigma associated with mental health issues. The bracelets were handed out over the course of two weeks, and the project received a lot of buzz on social media, from Twitter to Facebook.

PPON was a great success on campus, and proved that appreciating or complimenting someone can make a person’s day better. Although the project focused on small gestures, those gestures had a large impact on the people involved.

PPON has ended, and is no longer running, but the initiative was able to use its Agents of Change funding to successfully plan, run, and complete their project, leaving a lasting effect on the York community.