Important Notice:

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Calumet and Stong Colleges are supporting students online in various ways. To find out how we are assisting and supporting students online during this time please click here

Please be notified that all in-person activities at Stong College have been cancelled until further notice due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We have moved some of our events online. Please check your email accounts for the weekly updates on Calumet and Stong College events.

Our team at Calumet College aims to support student success through a variety of programs designed for students throughout their university career.  Use the drop-down menu to your left to learn more about our programs. If you have any questions about any of the programs please email us at

Please click on the following link to view our brochure and find more information on our Student Success Programs:

Calumet and Stong Colleges Student Success Brochure


Mentoring connects well-trained upper-year students with first-year and transfer students to help them transition into university, and connects graduate students and alumni with upper-level students to guide and provide advice about post-graduation career choices.

Course Representative Program

The Course Representative Program aims to build the academic know-how and leadership skills of its class reps  while contributing to the academic success of students in core 1000 level classes.

Winter 2020 courses with course representatives include:

  • IHST 2010 A & 2200 M
  • HLST 1011 M
  • KINE 1000 A, 1000 B, 2050 M, 2050 N, 3012 M
  • NURS 2522 M
  • PSYC 1010 B, 1010 C, 1010 G, 1010 M, 2010 P, 2020 D, 2022 N, 3010 N, 3140 M, 3140 O, 3140 Q

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (P.A.S.S.)

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (P.A.S.S.) involve upper level academically successful students who facilitate study sessions in courses that are known to be historically challenging.  PASS leaders have extensive training on how to help students strengthen their study skills and build academic success.  PASS sessions are available several times a week.

Peer Tutoring

Visit the Stong College Junior Common Room (SC 111) for free drop-in peer tutoring for:

  • HLST 1010
  • IHST 1002 & 2010
  • KINE 1000, 1020, 2050, 3000, 3012 & 3030
  • PSYC 1010, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2030, 2130 & 3140
  • Nursing students please contact the Nursing Students Association of York (NSAY) at for Peer Tutoring availability

Visit the peer tutoring website for details about these programs and other opportunities to find a tutor or become a tutor.

Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness at Calumet and Stong Colleges brings health education and promotion to the College communities. As members of the YorkU Health Education and Promotion Peer Team, peers based out of the colleges support events, health promotion tabling, and much more.

Leadership Exploration and Development (LEADwith purpose)

Faculty of Health students and  Peer Leaders can develop or strengthen their leadership and citizenship  skills by partaking in weekly hands-on training workshops.

Career Exploration

Career Exploration is designed to help students explore academic choices and future careers. Whether you are thinking about graduate school, professional schools such as medicine, or considering pursuing a working career path in Canada or internationally this program is here to help you.

Agents of Change

Regardless of your program of study, each of you is a part of something larger by being a member of the Faculty of Health. Each year, the Faculty graduates 2000 students who are “Agents of Change”. During your time at York University you will develop a set of attributes that will contribute to your capacity to transform ideas, change policies, systems, structures and practices to positively affect health.

Indigenous Circle

Calumet College has had a long and unique connection with the Indigenous community.  Both colleges are committed to advocating for priorities that enhance Indigenous health and wellness, engaging the Indigenous community and celebrating Indigenous heritage.