September - Important Reminders


Important reminders


Planning to make changes to your enrolment?

1) Make sure you check the deadlines to add and drop courses. Add/Drop dates can be found through the Registrar's Office website here:

Also, you need to consider the refund table as well if you are planning on dropping courses. Refund table can be found here:

Checking your program requirements

2)  To ensure that you are on the right track with course selection, you can view your degree progress through the Degree Progress Report (DPR). It is currently available for all single major programs. This will help you better understand your requirements and help you plan your timetable for Summer and beyond. To login to your DPR , you can visit the website at:

Take advantage of Learning Skills Services

3) Make sure you take advantage of the services offered to assist you in your studies. You can find more information, including workshop day and times, through the Learning Skills Program. Please visit: for more information.