Student Spotlight - December 2014

Calumet College e-Newsletter | Issue 2 – December 2014
Rohan V.

Who is Rohan?

Rohan is a student studying in the School of Kinesiology and Health Science. He is a PASS Leader for the 2014-2015 academic school year. Read on to find out more about his role as a PASS leader.

What is PASS?

PASS stands for 'Peer Assisted Study Sessions'. These are supplemental learning sessions led by upper year students who have taken the course previously and have received a letter grade of A or higher.

To me, the core principles and values of PASS can be boiled down into 3 key words: Discussion, Interaction, Facilitation.

PASS leaders have extensive training on how to help students strengthen their study skills and build academic success.

What are some challenges that students face?

One of the challenges students face is studying. As a PASS leader, I am frequently asked, 'How did you study for this course?". There is no one way to study for a certain course. Different courses have different methods that you need to utilize.

I study by taking a concept and simplifying it as much as I can. This strategy allows me to understand the concept in a way that's comfortable for me. Once the concept is in my own words, I then memorize those concepts to a point where I am confident to write the test. I encourage everyone to explore different study techniques until you find something that works for you. Watch the 5 study tips video for ideas.